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PMW Fest is Canada's Largest Afro x Latin Indoor Beach Music Festival

No more suffering in a winter jacket during Halloween 🎃... Wear a bathing suit instead and/or dress up however you want without worrying about getting frostbite 🥶. 

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Hosted ~1000 festival-goers!

Inspired by the sandy beaches in Punta Cana, the nightlife in Ghana, the iconic carnivals in Brazil and the Caribbean, La Connexional is bringing a unique tropical staycation experience to Canada/North America.

The Pour Me Water Festival (PMW Fest) is Canada's largest Afro x Latin indoor beach festival and took place at West Edmonton Mall World Waterpark on Saturday, October 29, 2022 from 630 pm till 12 am

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Dressing up Winter as Summer at PMW Fest!

+31°C in October at PMW Fest and hosted ~1000 guests inside the World Waterpark Gigantic playgrounds.

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Mesmerizing Live Acts



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